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Maravilla de Florida is one of the most legendary charangas and for more than five decades one of the most popular Cuban dance orchestras. Founded in Florida, Camagüey in 1948, their music is a reflection of Cuban culture through various music and dance genres. Also outside of Cuba Maravilla de Florida played successfully on many international tours, reinforcing their fame as powerful live act. A long list of well known Cuban musicians performed with Maravilla. So for more than 10 years outstanding piano star Manolito Simonet leaded the band.

The actual Maravilla de Florida is formed by 13 young musicians and talents, some of them sons of former band members, combining perfectly the charanga tradition with contemporary influences and sounds.


Charanga is the name of a musical style which got popular in Cuba in the 1940’s.
Characteristic is the instrumentation consisting of violins and flute. The swinging accompaniment of the strings and the wonderful easiness of the flute give the charanga its distinctive sound and goes directly into your feet! Therefore charanga music is always dance music too.

Maravilla de Florida, under the leadership of their director Norberto Puentes and with three outstanding young singers in the front, is actually one of the most exciting bands to listen to in Cuba. Their songs always appear in the top ten lists of Cuban radio and TV stations. With an own repertoire, a swinging sound and a great live performance, Maravilla de Florida is an authentic jewel of Cuban music. A band to listen and to dance, and definitely not to miss!

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Website: http://www.maravilla-florida.de/

Current Lineup:  
Norberto Puentes Quintana
Bernardo Nasch Ramos
José Enrique Queralte Almenares
Henry Menezes Risco
Jelien Bazo Miranda
Orlando Beltran Borrel
Reicel Pedroso Diaz
José Miguel González Chapón
Yoinel Lombida Hernández
Noel Pérez Tamayo
Emerson Florat Molina
Anais Casa Guerra
Osmany Moya Pratt